QuickBooks keyboard shortcuts you didn’t know about!

I love having ways to stay on the keyboard so I’m not continually going back and forth to the mouse. Which saves time! So instead of clicking on the little calendar icon, try out some of these keyboard shortcuts when you’re entering dates.

t  ~ Today
y ~ beginning of the calendar Year
r ~ the end of the calendar yeaR
m ~ beginning of the Month
h ~ the end of the montH
w ~ beginning of the Week
k ~ end of the weeK
+ ~ increase date by one day
  ~ decrease date by one day

Park your mouse in the date field, and play around a bit. For example, if you keep tapping “h” you’ll advance the month. Repeatedly tapping “y” reverses the year. And so on.

One more thing when manually entering dates that’s awesome. QuickBooks isn’t fussy about the slash or a whole bunch of extra digits. Let’s say you’re entering July 7, 2012, or 07/07/2012. You can enter 7.7 or 7/7 or even 7-7. QuickBooks knows it’s the current year. You don’t need to write out the whole date, and you don’t need the zeros. So save yourself some keystrokes!

Stay tuned…more keyboard shortcuts to come in upcoming blogs. And as always, your questions and comments are welcome!


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