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I received a bill for GST only. How do I enter it?

Great question. And it has a very simple solution!

Go to Enter Bills > Select Vendor > Fill out top portion as usual > Choose expense account (I use the one associated with the original transaction) and use G for tax code > Enter $0 for the amount > Enter the amount of the GST into the GST (ITC) window in the bottom right hand corner

Don’t use the GST/HST Payable account. You will get a warning and this will affect your Sales Tax Returns. This is what most people tend to do!

Sometimes you’ll receive a bill that includes both GST and Duties. It’s the same basic idea:

Go to Enter Bills > Select Vendor > Fill out top portion as usual > Choose applicable expense account (ie Broker Charges) and use G for tax code > Enter amount of expense > Enter the amount of the GST in the GST (ITC) window in the bottom right hand corner

Bottom line? You can always override the GST amount in the bottom right-hand corner box.

More about GST in upcoming posts. As always, I welcome your questions!


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19 thoughts on “I received a bill for GST only. How do I enter it?

  1. this is a horrible, horrible hst system……..quickbooks on line just gets worse and worse. Not being able to adjust a journal entry that is incorrect, because the “system” generated it is absolutely ridiculous. sorry, Intuit, as hard as you may try to justify this version of QuickBooks…you need to go back to the drawing board.

  2. Bacon saved! Thankyou Thankyou!

  3. I also received an invoice for GST only. I entered amount of expense $0, but in this case I can not enter anything in the GST (ITC) window in the bottom right hand corner. That window is not active. Could you please advise me what to do? Maybe I need to change some setting?

  4. Hi, Irina. Can you confirm that you have GST turned on? Assuming you’re using desktop, it’s in the Preferences menu.

  5. Jasmine on said:

    I’m using desktop version and have been entering Fedex bills like this for years. Last year, it started to go sideways on me. I can pay these invoices over and over but the payments don’t register everywhere because a bug is causing a doubling of the invoice amount in the amount due column. Tried entering another line with .01 and it worked a few times then not. I have over a 100 of these transactions laced into regular ones and this is driving my nuts. Here is the link to the help article on the matter although it didn’t help:;jsessionid=0KIFOR2vIoNFxdX0nvaN+g**.61-caapp2

    Any ideas on how I could get around this?

  6. Hi, Jasmine. How frustrating! Are you talking about vendor bills? Or customer payments? That article you referred to is in reference to customers and receivables. If you’re referring to vendor bills, can you let me know more about how you’re entering the transactions? It sounds like you might have a corrupt transaction, but it’s hard to say without a bit more information.

  7. Jasmine on said:

    Indeed Marnie! I am talking about vendor bills. In the expense tab I enter the shipping account, add a tax code but no amount next to it. I enter the tax amount in the bottom right hand in the ITC tax box. This worked for years and seems to be working now but for a big chunk of time 100’s of transactions seem “unfixable”

  8. I think you need to ensure that you’re always entering some amount, even if it’s .00. QuickBooks doesn’t like lines that have an account but not an amount. Also, have you verified your data lately? Does it verify clean? Or are you prompted to rebuild?

  9. Marlene Pisani on said:

    Ya this way used to work but doesn’t work anymore, if you enter .01 cent then it allows you to adjust the gst amount, if you change it back to zero it changes the gst box back to zero,, this is a real sloppy way to do things,, how to work around this now? Importing from China so this is necessary

  10. Hi, Marlene I just tried this in QBD 2016 and it worked for me. What version are you using?

  11. Kevin P on said:

    Has anyone solved this for Quickbooks Online, you can’t seem to enter just a GST amount unless there is an amount in the expense line and zero doesn’t work. I put 1 cent and then as able to edit the GST amount but obviously that puts things off?

  12. Hi, Kevin. You’re absolutely right. Here’s one way to do it. You’re going to use two lines in the body of the expense. On the first line, select an expense account, and enter the amount of the expense that triggers the GST. Mark it with the ‘GST’ tax code which will give you the right amount of sales tax. Then, on the second line, enter the same account, and then enter the same amount as you entered on the first line as a negative. Mark it with the ‘Zero-rated’ or ‘Exempt’ tax code (whichever is appropriate).

    By the way, I often use this exact method in QBD, because it very clearly shows the amount that triggered the GST. Hope that helps!

  13. Hugh Frolek on said:

    hello, I have a problem, I am using quick books premier 2016, I am trying to enter a credit card purchase/ charge for a vendor and I have to edit the gst and it will not let me edit it, at one time I could edit but not anymore, but I can edit when I use write a cheque, what am I doing wrong??? Hugh

  14. Very odd! What tax code are you using? Are you trying the exact same tax code with a cheque and it’s working?

  15. Hugh Frolek on said:

    Hey, I am using the same code, when I go to edit to adjust the gst because the suppliers invoice is a penny out, it will not let me edit the gst, the crazy part is once in awhile all of sudden it works, my accountant is confused also..

  16. Can you shift+tab backwards to the GST field by any chance? I’d also check your Sales Tax preferences. In the Display Taxes box, deselect both options. And if both are already deselected, try checking one, then saving, and then deselecting it again, just to see if it will ‘jumpstart’ QuickBooks.

  17. Hugh Frolek on said:

    it will not let me edit my gst amount , when I hit on the edit icon by the amount nothing happens on credit card transaction, it work great if I do it in cheque writing, Is there a way to go into credit card transactions and check to see if something is not set correctly? I tried that nothing happens

  18. Hugh Frolek on said:

    I cannot edit any taxes when I am in credit purchase/charges or even return

  19. Did you try the previous steps I outlined?

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