QBO Discounts

Looking to save on your QBO subscription?

Email me for more information at marnie@thinkquickbooks.com!

2 thoughts on “QBO Discounts”

  1. I have been viewing the website “quickbookstraining.com” and thinking of pursuing training in the Ultimate Training Bundle that includes Mastering QB 1, QB f0r Contractors, Accounting Basics and Mastering QB payroll. Do you offer the 30% discount for QB for Contractors Desktop version? Is this a reputable QB training provider?

  2. Hi, Paulette. What you’re looking at is Real World Training, and they are the only Intuit endorsed training. They are based in the US and a very good company from what I know. I’m not sure which country you live in, but it looks like they have desktop classes in Canada now too. I believe the class you’re considering is for the US version. Sorry but I don’t offer discounts for training, just subscriptions. Good luck!

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