Get creative with a splash of QuickBooks account color!

Do you have more than one bank or credit card account? Have you ever entered a transaction in one of those accounts just to realize you posted it to the wrong account? Here’s one way to reduce the chances of that happening. Change the account color to distinguish your accounts! Here’s how to do it:

From the chart of accounts, double click on the register you want to change. Then select EDIT > CHANGE ACCOUNT COLOR…

You can select a color or customize your own. I find the basic colors to be too dark, so click on DEFINE CUSTOM COLORS. Then pick a color “chiclet” that you like, and drag the arrow upwards to lighten the color. If it’s a color you want to use more than once, add it to the pack by selecting ADD TO CUSTOM COLORS. Click okay, and the color of the register will change!

What’s great is that you can change colors for essentially all of your balance sheet accounts. It’s a great feature that’s fun to play around with.

Interesting for Canadian users…CHANGE ACCOUNT COLOUR uses the British spelling, but when you open the preference box, it appears all five times spelled COLOR. Hmmm…oversight or programming necessity?


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