GoPayment Canada has launched!

With the new GoPayment feature - and the iPad or iPhone - you can accept credit cards wherever you go. For swiped cards, the transaction fee is only 2.7%. There are no set-up fees, no monthly fees, no monthly minimums, and no commitments. And you don't have to have QuickBooks (or any other software) to… Continue reading GoPayment Canada has launched!


How do I handle a refund to a debit card?

As usual, there are a few ways to do this in QuickBooks. But here's a way that I discovered that works beautifully, especially if you're in Canada and dealing with GST. You're going to be entering a BILL CREDIT: 1. Go to enter bills. Select the radio button that says CREDIT. 2. Enter the vendor… Continue reading How do I handle a refund to a debit card?