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GoPayment Canada has launched!

With the new GoPayment feature – and the iPad or iPhone – you can accept credit cards wherever you go. For swiped cards, the transaction fee is only 2.7%. There are no set-up fees, no monthly fees, no monthly minimums, and no commitments. And you don’t have to have QuickBooks (or any other software) to use it! Just an iPad or iPhone and a bank account!

They send you the coolest little card reader that attaches to the top of your phone. Have a look:

Android will likely be added some time in the future. I haven’t personally used this technology, but it’s had great success in the US, and it’s just plain awesome! Rates are very similar in the US, with the added option of a monthly plan:

I’m seriously considering getting an i-something just to have the ability to use this app! Please add your comments and feedback if you use the technology.

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3 thoughts on “GoPayment Canada has launched!

  1. Thanks Marnie I have just been looking into the ability to accept credit and debit, great info!

  2. It’s a great idea it you’re looking for a simple and cost-effective way to accept credit cards. However, it won’t work with debit cards. Here’s a link to some additional information:

  3. Hey all! I happen to be from San antonio and just completed the U of W with english degree.

    I am Jodie and I want to explore and write about financial accounting.
    I really enjoy reading websites such as this because there are common interests.
    Will be back again soon.

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