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Intuit has relaunched the QuickBooks Community forum!

As of yesterday, it’s new and improved! Well, at this point we can say it’s new 😉

There are nine ‘topics’ to choose from. The first six topics relate to the US versions of QuickBooks. The last three topics are specifically for QuickBooks Canada, QuickBooks UK, and QuickBooks en Español.

If you’re a regular visitor, you’ll notice that the topics have been revised. Intuit is perhaps trying to make the language easier for the majority of users to understand (for example, ‘Customers & Getting Paid’ instead of Accounts Receivable). If you click on the QuickBooks Canada topic, you’ll probably notice that ‘Sales Tax’ is not a subtopic. I noticed this right away and definitely think it should be added back!

It appears Intuit has some kinks to straighten out, and I’m sure they’re working on them. Members don’t seem to have access to their old questions and answers. And referring specifically to the QuickBooks Canada topic, the ‘Unanswered’ questions seem to all be ‘asked about a year ago!’ That said, it’s early in the changeover and it looks like Intuit is gradually adding back content.

Opinions on the new platform aside, the community forum can be a great resource to get pretty much any question you have answered. A lot of QuickBooks gurus hang out and provide answers, generally because they love to serve and help other members with their books. You can also search the database for older questions and answers (a note about searching… right now, you have to type your search into the ‘Have a Question?’ field at the top of the page. You’ll then be taken to the results page, and the field will now be labelled ‘Search.’ Here you can search for another topic). You can also browse tags which you will see on the right hand side of the main page.

I’d love to know what you think of the new forum. And if you have a suggestion, you can contact Intuit directly. Look for the ‘Send us Feedback’ link at the bottom of all forum pages. Embrace the change!


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10 thoughts on “Intuit has relaunched the QuickBooks Community forum!

  1. A Reader on said:

    The abysmal state of this most recent invocation confirms to me Intuit’s level of commitment to their customers. The fact that so much historical information seems to be lost or at least no longer accessible and the links that knitted the community together have been destroyed says to me that cost savings trumps customer experience by a large margin for Intuit management.

  2. I must admit it’s somewhat frustrating to click on a link after doing a google search and get a ‘no questions found’ result. Hopefully this will be fixed!

  3. bloody hell! once again I am trying to find an answer why 2012 QB pro drops the connection to word when trying to create a document. I keep getting referred to QB online (stuff that) which seems to be down now or recently.
    I wish someone would create a replacement for QB, I would be the first customer. The support was never there. The community was OK for finding solutions and now it too is lost. This move to cloud based everything is a pain in th eass

  4. Problem #1 – When emailing invoice Quickbooks shuts us down and we have to restart. Also we cannot use our Proper email address and the gave us a Yahoo address that goes to out clients inbox and they “reply” to Yahoo address and we have to go to to see if anything comes in. Big problem. There is a disconnect between our ISP and QB 2015. They recognize this but are not dealing with it. Any solutions or??

  5. Hi, Ted. That is no fun! Make sure you have the most recent release for QB 2015. And check out these articles for some suggestions.

  6. Hi, Steve sorry for the delayed reply I was in San Jose attending QBConnect. What are you trying to do exactly? And why are you still using 2012? I say that somewhat jokingly as I know you can get away with an older version for several years. I will say this. I teach at a local college and I skip right over the QB + Word section. In all my years of using QB I’ve never used it PLUS it doesn’t work on any of the computers in the lab! So I’d love to know how you use it.

  7. Zane Reinhart on said:

    in QB Chart of Accounts how do I setup Canada/USA money conversion GAIN/LOSS on the currency ?? Occasionally I need to USD funds but its a loss. How do I record that in QB??

  8. You can add an ‘Other Expense’ account called Gain/Loss on Foreign Exchange and track it there.

  9. I have question about conversion from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks online.
    What is easy to convert QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks. what we can export from QuickBooks Desktop into csv or excel?

    How we can export the transactions like register transactions or banking section transactions. I need assistance in this conversion

  10. Hi, Abdul. I believe you’re in the US. Here’s a link to an awesome conversation about converting from QBD to QBO that took place on a weekly Twitter Chat called #qbochat a few months ago. There are lots of great tips here, plus if you look at the bottom, links to conversion guides and more. Good luck!

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